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Pre-Arranging...comfort the ones you love!

This is not always an easy task. For a multitude of reasons, considering ones own mortality may be a difficult conversation, especially with oneself. Other barriers include not knowing where to begin, what is involved, where to get the appropriate and accurate information, deciding on the best location for funeral and cemetery arrangements, and the type of ceremony and final disposition.

All of these items are very important, and none any less or greater than the others. Deciding on arrangements entail considering many components, so we will try to list some important features here:

Final Disposition

Will you decide on traditional burial or cremation? Remember the key words in this topic: final disposition. This should not to be confused with goods and services. Both types of final dispositions allow for a permanent resting place of remains, ceremony (whether a full service with viewing and visitation or a more simple memorial service), and memorialization (grave markers, plaques, etc). Both types of final dispositions are culturally acceptable, can be as elaborate or as simple as preferred, and can cost a great deal or be quite economical.

Location, location, location

Where is the best location? For families that for the most part remain in close proximity this answer is a little easier. However, in our modern day children, parents, and other relatives move to farther distances than in times past. With this in mind, where is the most appropriate location for a service? How will you know the best funeral establishment to care for the arrangements? What cemetery do I feel most comfortable with my loved ones returning to remember me? All very relevant questions! The most common response is, "this is where my family had there services done" or "some of my family is buried there." There is usually no perfect answer, yet thoughtful planning is well worth the time spent. Why?

Consider some of the many benefits of pre-planning your arrangements...

- Provides piece of mind.
- Allows the family to choose everything together.
- Allows them to buy what they want, not what they think the other
   would have wanted.
- Reduces the potential of emotional overspending.
- Freezes the price forever.
- Saves money with pre-need discounts.
- Allows monthly payments.
- Eliminates the possibility that the surviving spouse or family will be
   uninformed and unprepared on what could be the worst day of their

This is what is meant by: "Comfort the ones you love!"

So...what can be pre-arranged?

Well, just about everything to do with your funeral ceremony, cemetery property, merchandise, and associated services. Below, is a list of the more common items:
Funeral Services

- Basic services of the funeral director and staff
- Transfer of remains to the funeral home
- Embalming
- Transportation (hearse, limousine, flower car)
- Casket/Urn
- Viewing, Visitation, and Rosary
- Ceremony location
- Cash-advance items, such as: flowers, obituary, police escort, 
   death certificates, and clergy honorarium
- Crematory fees
- Stationery

Cemetery Services

- Burial spaces, including cremation niches, lawn crypts and above
   ground chambers (mausoleum)
- Opening & Closing
- Outer burial container (vaults and concrete liners)
- Chapel fees
- Grave markers and plaques
- Benches, vases, and other merchandise


Pre-arranging is much more than a monetary outlay! In its most important and fundamental role, it's establishing and completing a Personal Planning Portfolio and a Living Will. These items are vital to the proper planning of events that are unfortunately inevitable for us all. By taking this very important step, you accomplish the following:

- Listing all of your vital information.
- Explaining to loved ones your express wishes.
- Expressing your choice in attendees, officiant, and pallbearers.
- Type, location, and material for the ceremony.
- Any DNR (do not resuscitate) orders.
- Special dates (marriage, births, deaths, anniversaries, and events).
- Personal notes and messages.
- Organizational membership, military service, and achievements.
- Education and occupation.
- Family lineage and offspring.
- Location of important documents and effects.
- and much, much more!

Imagine putting this information in one very easy location for your loved one to simply relay this "Portfolio" to a funeral director, or your Living Will wishes to a medical practitioner. We offer these two very important items to members of our community free of charge!

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Family Service Counselors are willing to arrange appointments around your personal schedule. We look forward to helping you navigate through the complex maze of material, and provide the information to assist you in making the best decisions to meet your individual needs.

Please read more "Information About Prepaid Funeral Planning" from the Texas Department of Banking: